Do you have a showroom?

Maintaining a showroom featuring our latest and greatest pieces would mean more work for us and a higher cost for our customers. We prefer to let our projects speak for themselves, which is why our web portfolio is the best place see the wide variety of options we offer in woodworking.

How can I get a bid? Is there a cost?

Please contact us to request a bid. All estimates are free of charge.
It’s best if you have plans or drawings, even hand sketches, with dimensions for us to review. Include your project preferences, such as the type of wood or other materials to be used, paint or stain colors, door styles and hardware. We’re happy to hear any information you think would be helpful.

Can I see your shop?

We would love to give you a tour! Please call to schedule a time when we can walk you through our facility without disrupting production.

How custom can my project be?

If you can dream it, we can probably build it. In addition to skill and experience, our master craftsmen have advanced tools to engineer and execute the most challenging custom projects.

What materials do you offer?

We’re able to offer almost any material you can imagine. In addition to the countless species of wood we have available, we also work with everything from metal to plastic, even fabric! We’ve partnered with vendors that provide us a myriad of materials to get you the exact look you’ve been envisioning.

Do you have environmentally-friendly options?

We are an eco-conscious company. Indoor air quality is a concern, so we use NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) plywood and MDF in all our projects. In terms of sustainability, we can advise you on what species of wood to avoid and what good alternatives are. We also offer the option of using a water-based conversion varnish instead of the solvent version.

Can I get wood or paint samples before committing to a project?

We’re pleased to provide samples once your project is in contract. We can loan you our manufacturer samples or build you a custom sample after design decisions have been made. Paint is selected from the source of your choice, which we will color match for free. Additional samples are available for a fee.

Why do the drawings need to be signed before you begin building?

Drawings are our clearest means of communication. The data from drawings goes directly to our shop for fabrication, where we build your project to these precise specifications. Reviewing them gives you the opportunity to make changes or corrections before your project goes into production. By signing, you agree that what we have drawn is what you want us to build, so there are no surprises.

What if I’m not sure which services I need?

If you have a general contractor, talk to them about what they expect the project will require.
If you don’t, simply ask us. Rivendell is a full service shop that can complete your project from beginning to end, hiring a contractor isn’t necessary.

How much time can I expect my project to take?

For us, scheduling is a two step process. The first is developing the design, working with the team to create a complete set of technical drawings. The length of this step depends on the state of the project. Are we starting from scratch with some hand sketches, or are we working with an architect who has provided their plans? Once the technical drawings have your signed approval, the second step of building begins. Depending on the size and complexity of a project, production time can vary, but most of them are in the shop six to eight weeks before installation.

Do you offer finishing?

We work closely with a few trusted finishers to provide this service for our clients. Our finished cabinets are beautiful, durable and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Because clients so rarely request to use a credit card, we currently do not accept this payment method.