Woodshop News Cover Story


We at Rivendell Woodworks were pleased to receive national recognition among our peers in the woodworking and cabinetmaking industry with a recent cover story in the trade magazine, Woodshop News. Titled “Four on the Floor,” it describes our company and the owners: myself, Kanda, along with sons and partners Nandi, Jeremy and Kendiah.

The article’s subtitle, “Rivendell Woodworks, led by father and his three sons, builds on its magical legacy,” tells the story of our growth from my one-man shop to an eventual family partnership. The “magical legacy” refers not only to the quality of our product, but the source of our name “Rivendell,” which was the name of a mystical valley from the Lord of the Rings saga where elves lived and made magical things. That, it seems to us, makes for an appropriate name!