City of Concord Business Recognition Award


Since 1997 the City of Concord has recognized businesses that contribute to its economic vitality through employment, longevity, tax revenue and innovation. At a recent Concord City Council meeting, Marilyn Fowler, President and CEO of the Concord Chamber of Commerce, presented their quarterly business recognition awards.

“The first business that we will honor tonight is Rivendell Woodworks for their longevity,” she began. “Rivendell Woodworks has been operating in Concord for the past 24 years. They specialize in high-end residential custom cabinetry and millwork, and have placed first in the Wood Diamond Awards of the national Cabinet Makers Association numerous times. Rivendell Woodworks is a family-owned and operated business. Founder, Kanda Alahan, works alongside his three sons, Nandi, Jeremy, and Kendiah, as co-owners. Please welcome Founder, Kanda Alahan, and his sons to accept this award.”

As our owners came forward, Concord Mayor, Carolyn Obringer, joined them and described her visit to Rivendell a couple years ago. At Kanda’s invitation, she had come to tour the facility and meet the family that produces such products. She was very impressed and thought to herself, “Wow… this is a business that deserves to be honored because they’ve been here in Concord for years and years, it’s multi-generational and they are doing amazing work across the Bay Area.”

Kanda accepted the award with appreciation and a few words. He recalled the day Rivendell moved into its current shop space in Concord. He had been listening to a radio broadcast of historic Superbowl XXIX, the only one to ever be played between two teams from the same state, with the San Francisco 49ers beating the San Diego Chargers on January 29, 1995.

“We’ve been here ever since then, in the same place,” he said. “We’re very happy to be here in Concord, it’s a great place to work and it’s a central location for us in our custom cabinetry and millwork business.”

Afterwards, Nandi expressed his thoughts on the experience. “It was interesting to see government in action. It’s nice that Concord honors businesses that have been around for a long time.”

Jeremy agrees. “Concord is not only home to our business, but to all of our families as well. I appreciate the city’s outreach to businesses. It reminds us that we are affecting our community in a positive way.”

The award presentation can be seen here at the 7:35 mark.