Introducing RivBot


We love CNC machines, so much so that we built our own. RivBot (as we’ve come to call him) is a 3-axis CNC wood router – or, in simpler terms, is like a printer that cuts wood.

This project started late last year, when I discovered the book Build Your Own CNC Machine by Patrick Hood-Daniel, and learned of a community of hobbyists who use simple materials and affordable electronics to build do-it-yourself CNC machines. Before long we’d constructed our very own, and on Sept. 10th, 2010 RivBot spoke his first words: Hello World!. It took us a bit of time to configure our new tool, but by December we’d learned how to properly control our wily young robot (Hello World! 2).

RivBot is our first introduction to the exciting world of numerical control, and bridges the gap from virtual desktop to physical workshop. This new tool expands our current skillset to include intricate cutouts, complex designs, and even 3D profiling. We’re still discovering for ourselves the possibilities and applications that an automated tool offers. We’ll be posting more reports and project photos as we continue to explore new techniques in 21st Century woodworking.

Stop by our Open Shop (Feb. 3rd, 5-7pm) for a personal introduction and live demonstration!